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About Us

If you are looking at our page you are probably like us - worried, scared or even terrified about the future of our life on this planet. 


We see the litter and pollution everywhere we look.  People walk over it and don't see the plastic straws, lids, bags under the bushes, in the gutter. We have been litter 'picker-uppers' all our lives, we hope if people see us doing it they will think twice about buying and dropping that plastic.


We go for a coffee and sit there watching people buy theirs in a takeaway cup and then not leave the café.  Cafés and restaurants offer their juices and smoothies in plastic cups with plastic lids with plastic straws, that customers seem happy to accept.


We have been looking for years for alternatives for those things that we use every day that don't need to be made with plastic or with the chemicals our homes don't need in them. This is our curated range.


The manufacturers we use are companies we admire, and their products are ones we use and recommend. If you know of others we should be considering please let us know, we are constantly looking and would appreciate your help.


We have also reduced the range down to only things we feel we really need.


Thank you for caring, you give us hope.


Want to know more? Flick us a message below!