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Why Everyone Needs a Compost Bin!

by Tegan Evans |

It is no secret that we environmentalists love composting, but why is that? Well, here are the top 5 reasons that everyone should be composting and if you're not yet, why you should start! 


1. Composting reduces waste from entering the landfill. 

Did you know that almost 1/4 of waste thrown away could be composted? Not only this but in a landfill, compostable waste lies stagnant where the oxygen required to facilitate the decaying process can not reach it!


2. Composting is good for the land.

Composting is nature's way of recycling. Everything you compost at home becomes a nutrient-rich and thriving habitat for bacteria, bugs, worms, fungi, and creepy crawlies, and what they leave behind becomes nourishing fodder for your plants. The best part? Zero methane gas is emitted through a well-managed compost heap/bin at home!

3. You can compost anything that has lived or grown recently.


If you want to get a compost bin for yourself, head here now!