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The BEST Deodorant In The Game!

by Tegan Evans |

This may be a bit TMI, but does anyone else seriously struggle with deodorant? I mean like, applying constantly because you can't seem to stop the odor even when you don't seem to sweat much? 

Well, my fellow smelly friends, I've discovered the best and I mean THE BEST deodorant to stop the mid-afternoon BO sesh. 

B.BOLD deodorant is 100% natural and handmade NZ with ethical and sustainable ingredients. I have been using it for the last 1-2 months and I have never smelt better! 

I have to admit, the switch from a traditional antiperspirant to a natural deodorant can be a bit of a struggle as traditional antiperspirants clog your pores to reduce sweat, meaning that when you stop using them your body goes into detox to unclog your pores and start to sweat again. This can result in some pretty bad BO for the first few days but TRUST ME, stick it out, in the end, it is way worth it!

Other than the obvious benefits of using all natural deodorant on such a sensitive and absorbent part of your body, being able to sweat naturally allows the good bacteria on your skin to work to reduce odor caused when sweating. 

I usually apply my deodorant (Bergamont & Cedar is my scent of choice) around 6.30am (a pea-sized amount between both arms) and it lasts me all day- a full 8 hour work day and a two-hour workout - I am odor free for over 16 hours! 

Shop the full range of B.BOLD deodorants here - trust me, you won't regret it!